Risk Management

Risk Management

In the pursuit of synergy between optimum security and high conversion, Target W engineered the intelligent FraudStop risk management system, which features customisable settings configured individually for each client. Applying artificial intelligence to the scoring of incoming transactions, the security solution boasts a 97% fraud detection rate.

Stages of FraudStop

Our proprietary risk management system consists of three core features:

  • Filters

    Fraud filters are configured individually for each client depending on industry, region, and business specifications. FraudStop scores transactions by enabling an interdependent analysis across multiple factors, negating fraudulent activity.

  • Post-monitoring

    FraudStop’s automated transaction monitoring is complemented by the manual review of suspicious incidents by a highly qualified team of risk analysts.

  • Chargeback management

    Our comprehensive risk management service ensures clients don’t exceed the acceptable chargeback threshold to avoid the fines imposed by international payment systems, as well as facilitating high payment acceptance rates and minimal levels of fraud.

Extensive knowledge of the risk landscape ensures that the payment solutions Target W engineers individually for each client comprise the sophisticated tools and technologies, as well as proprietary risk management products, necessary to reduce the likelihood of fraudulent activity and maximise the rate of successful transactions.