Payment Routing

Payment Monitoring

We analyse your business operations to individually adjust your settings.

The rules for our Payment Routing system are configured for each client on an individual basis. Our experts review your requirements, choosing a route dependent on filter settings, cascading capabilities, and the payment percentage split.

  • Cascading

    Reroutes your payments and payouts in cases of declined transactions, which increases the payment success rates.

  • Filters

    Analyse the parameters present in a client request: risk assessment, geolocation, card type, issuers.

  • Payment percentage

    Determines the optimal ratio by which payments are distributed between client accounts to achieve maximum payment acceptance.

No borders

Find the most effective routes through which to send transactions for maximum acceptance rates.

To increase efficiency, Target W manages your transaction flow using our intelligent routing technology. Smart Payment Routing relies on artificial intelligence to maximise coverage, carrying out transactions both regionally and globally.

- Smart Payment Routing is a flexible payment solution. Taking into consideration all key features and functionalities of banking products, Payment Routing enables high payment acceptance rates by easily connecting to the client’s infrastructure to optimise all incoming and outgoing transactions.

- Payment Routing calculates the best possible route across banks and MIDs, configuring rules in real time to track results and adapt possible scenarios depending on client needs.

  • Maximising payment acceptance rates

    Payment Routing dynamically calculates the optimal route for each transaction, based on channel accessibility, geography, card type, currency, device, and other parameters.

  • Expanding beyond borders

    When you are looking to enter new markets, Payment Routing facilitates the connection to new acquirers and alternative payment systems, enabling global coverage with minimal costs.

  • Optimising costs

    By opening MIDs in the required currencies, the Payment Routing algorithms avoid double conversion.

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